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ACROPORA Marine Aquaristic Center

Welcome to the ACROPORA Marine Aquaristic Center's website.

We excel at importing and selling seawater animals and accessories. We provide our Customers with design, delivery and end-to-end maintenance services for seawater aquariums. Our Sales Center is located at the "Land" Commercial and Service Center (right next to the Służew subway station) in Warsaw.

ACROPORA is one of the largest aquaristic shops in Poland. We provide saltwater aquaristic products only. Our offer includes over 500 specimens of stony corals and about 200 specimens of high-quality, strictly quarantined sea fish. Moreover, marine life tanks with the capacity of more than 10,000 liters, located at our Center, contain a comprehensive selection of soft corals, crustaceans, sea anemone, echinoderms, mollusks and other sea organisms.

We specialize in rare and uncommon specimens, such as: Acanthurus achilles, Ctenocheatus hawaiensis, Zebrasoma gemmatum, Duncanposammia auxifuga, Lipoproma carmabi. Some of the animals available at our shop come from our own breeding farm, the remaining specimens are imported from German, the Netherlands and other countries. We collaborate only with breeders and importers of an established reputation. We also deliver individual, customized marine life designs made to order.

We are Polish official resellers or exclusive distributors of equipment and accessories from such renowned providers, as: Royal Exclusive (high-end Red Dragon pumps and Bubble King skimmers), ATI Aquaristik (Powermodul, Sunpower T5 fluorescent lamps, Bubblemaster skimmers).

To learn more about our offer, visit our website or come to the ACROPORA Marine Aquaristic Center. Apart from a great number of healthy animals and top-class equipment we also provide you with professional consulting and maintenance services related to setting up your first seawater aquarium, expanding or upgrading your existing tank and learning all the secrets and tips associated with the wonderful hobby of saltwater aquaristics.

Address: Wałbrzyska 11
Centrum Handlowe LAND, Lokal 172
02-739 Warszawa
Office hours: 11:00-19:00 – Mon-Fri
12:00-15:00 - Sat
Phone: 600 344 922
022 490 45 45